Art Scholarships and Grants

art scholarships

Art Scholarships Grants

If you are entering college or art school you need to look for, apply for, and compete for as many art scholarships grants as you possibly can. This also means art contest and competitions too. In most cases, when it comes to art school scholarships, the eligibility requirements assert that you must have some form of artistic talent, or that you will be studying art in a specialized field.

Select your Art Field

Start your art college scholarship search by narrowing down your field. For example, there are special scholarships for those who will enter the field of photography. There are also special scholarships for those who paint, draw, do graphic design, or a number of other artistic fields. Art covers a lot of ground in education and in art scholarship searches. Art can include theater, photojournalism, web design, music, fine arts, film studies, dance, or a whole host of other art related fields such as culinary art scholarships.

Art Scholarships and Grants first Step

You will need a portfolio of your work, if your art is visual, and a recording of your work if it is not visual. This would also include any type of theater art. Make sure that you have this portfolio or recording ready to go before you start looking for art scholarships, and that it is as good as it can possibly be. Many art school scholarship awards will be won or lost based on the quality of the work in your portfolio.

What’s College Policy for Art Student Financial Aid

If you will be attending art school, as opposed to a traditional college or university, you need to be aware of the fact that not many art schools offer or accept scholarships for art students – but some do. You need to contact the school that you will be attending to find out what their policy is on art scholarships grants before you take the time to apply or compete for them. While you have them on the phone, inquire about any other scholarships that the school offers for the study of art.

Check out related Art Professional Organizations

You definitely need to check out related professional organizations in your field for art scholarship opportunities. For example, if you are majoring in filmmaking or video, you are eligible for the Academy of Motion Pictures Student Academy Award, which awards amounts between $2000 and $5000. If you are a sculptor, you may be eligible for a $1000 scholarship from the National Sculpture Society. Make sure that you check the professional organizations that relate to your specific form of art, without fail, or you could be leaving valuable art college scholarships behind.

Art Sororities and Fraternities for Art Scholarships Grants

Don’t forget about the art sororities and fraternities on campus for college art scholarship grant opportunities. There are numerous advantages to pledging to these organizations as an art student, and many have scholarships available. For example, Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation awards between $1000 and $5000 scholarships each year to students who are majoring in art or music.

National Art Programs for Art Scholarships & Grants

National art scholarships are also a source for scholarships for art students. One example of this is the National Art Honor Society Scholarship, which is worth up to $20,000. This award is made to five undergraduate art students each year.

Art Competitions for Art Scholarship Awards

Do not overlook art competitions in your field for art contest scholarships. You can find out about these art competitions through your guidance counselor, the art department at your local college or the university that you are attending, and through numerous art organizations and clubs. Compete in all competitions that you are eligible for to win any art scholarship prizes.

Art Scholarship Grant Advice from Art Teachers – Best Advice?

Contact a college in the area you may interested in attending and contact the art teachers via the college website contact page, or phone to discuss their advice on art student financial aid. See how they did it and ask them how you should do it. They will be glade to help you if not honored. Bring your portfolio if are going to meet with them in person just to be ready to cease the moment so to speak to make your presentation to get his feedback. This may be the best strategy given so far because you always want expert counseling from someone who’s been there and done that and is in a solid position to help you.

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    wow, this was reall helpful info 🙂 especialy since art is my passion

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    I am sengsong and I am 22 years old.
    I am an Orphan, who grew up in the Orphanage school for 10 years.
    I like to draw, paint and take photos a lot. I have been to Paris last year to
    joined the event of Photo quai 2011.

    I want to have scholar to study my art which is my dream. If you want to see my work
    I will send you and you can also see my work in in Laoyoungphotographer-zoflolio and sengsong in Photo quai 2011

  3. Dam Thu Ha says:

    I’m Vietnamese, I’m 17. Like many others, art is my dream and I’ve been searching for art scholarship for months. So what I’m asking here is how many percent of scholarship will you give to student and what condition will be given the max percent?

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