Free Art Scholarships for College


Free Art Scholarships

Free art scholarships for college are readily available for many students and exist in many formats. Some are more general, applying to students who want an education in any field that includes the arts. Meanwhile others are much more specific focusing on the fine arts, the culinary arts, theater and so on. Students interested in the arts are not always in the best financial position to pay for school. As a result it is fairly common for such students to want access to free art scholarships which will help them defray the overall cost of an education.

As with many scholarships, it will be important for students to identify not only their specific interests but also their personal demographics. While looking for general scholarships is never a bad way to start, it is unlikely that what a student finds in those searches will result in completely funding their college education. The more specific students are able to get in their interests, the more free art scholarships they will likely be able to turn up.

Apart from looking for art scholarships out in the wild, students should also consider looking at their individual departments or schools. Many programs offer small award amounts to exceptional students who display talent and passion for the field. Again, this will likely not cover the entire tuition amount for getting an education in the arts, but will add up in concert with other free scholarships for art awarded, in all hopes ending in covering most of their tuition costs overall.

Free art scholarships can be found from many different sources. Some, such as the Karlskoga Nobel Art Scholarship, are offered by foundations built up around an individual who was influential in the field. While this particular free art scholarship is available only to those students in Sweden, it represents a great example of financial aid available to students interested in the arts. Established in 1996, the Karlskoga Nobel Art Scholarship has provided at least one award every year for varying amount. The award is given purely on merit based on artwork presented by exceptional students. A jury, selected from inside the foundation, considers submitted artwork and then decides to whom the award(s) should go. Awards are given out December 10 of every year, and students should contact the foundation for information regarding applications. This is only one such example of free art scholarships, and students should not be disheartened if they do not live in Sweden.

Graduate students who have gone on to receive higher degrees in the arts can apply for the Terra Foundation Fellowships in American Art which provides $30,000 to interested students in the form of a fellowship. Students must be conducting research into American Art and should have strong academic standing at their institution. The award is normally given to those who are exploring the international contexts regarding American Art, though anybody with any interest in art may apply. Applications are due January 15 of every year.

Students should always consider looking for free scholarships in art at the school they are attending. Many colleges have programs available for exceptional students, and should certainly be a first stop for anybody seeking financial assistance. In the United States, the National Endowment for the Arts provides an immense amount of money every year to individual schools which apply for grants. If a student’s college is enrolled in a grant program with the National Endowment for the Arts, the odds are good that scholarship programs exist which can be applied for. Always check in not only with the financial aid department but with the art department especially, checking for local scholarships offered through foundations or great such free art scholarships offered by the university itself. Gaining access to these programs may sometimes be based on financial need, but very often they will have a strong bent towards artistic abilities. Be sure to chat with professors who are well entrenched in the program as they often have a voice with regards to where art scholarship funding will go.

Suggestions on finding free art scholarships would be to inquire into the following.

The Art Institute Online
Charitable Organizations
Art Colleges and Institutes – Their Art Departments
Art Competitions
Art Fairs/Funcyions
Organizations of a Professional Nature
Community Groups
Civic Groups
National Chains and Local Business

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