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Finding art scholarships and grants to help art students pay for college tuition can be done in a few different ways. It’s really better to take a multifaceted approach though, just like anything else to make sure you can cover all student financial aid art programs.

Before we begin on the art scholarships and grants ideas you must make sure you have a portfolio of your work. If your art is visual have a portfolio all made up to easily present. Have a recording of your work if it is not visual. This would also include any type of theater art you have been a part of. Remember, make sure that you have this portfolio or recording ready to go before you start looking for art scholarships, and that it is as good as it can possibly be. Many art school scholarship awards will be won or lost based on the quality of the work in your portfolio. The portfolio will make or break you. That being said lets move on to our art scholarship and grant strategies.

Apply to the Easy Art Scholarships First

The first one is to just apply to all the easy art scholarship contest as you can find initially to get started via the web or art clubs. Make sure they do not take up much time applying to them on this approach. The idea here is to apply to as many as you can with as little effort as possible.

Art Competitions for Art Student Financial Aid

Apply to as many art competitions as you can with as little effort and time.  There is a whole lot of them to go around too that’s for sure. You may have to travel some on this one so I suggest you target the art scholarship contest closest to you.

You decide how far you want to go to compete in as many art shows and competitions as possible. If you want to get on a great email list of art shows and art competitions you can go to the Art Deadlines List and sign up for their free email service of all kinds of art scholarship competitions.

Contact College’s for Art Scholarships and Grants

It’s a good idea to contact area colleges too who will be able to help you on local art contest in the area. They may have a listing of art scholarships and grants and let you know how to go about getting one. It would be best to contact the art teachers to discuss how they went about getting art scholarships and grants to pay for their schooling. They will be able to tell you how they did it and how you should do it now.

You may want to have some of your portfolio with you when meeting with the art teacher. He may like what he see’s and may show a special interest in helping you come to his college. Art students share a special bond and this strategy in finding art scholarships and grants may work out to be the best for you.

Art Clubs for Art Scholarships and Grants

This is a gold mine here and you could spend all your energy on this art scholarship concept. Art clubs know all about art contest, scholarships and other programs which will help you navigate towards what you need to find in all things being ART.

This is easy as searching for ‘art clubs’ and there you go; take your pick and start contacting them via their website contact page. I would already have a paragraph or two already typewritten so you can just copy/paste and email all the ones you can and sit back and wait for the reply back emails which will have gold nuggets in them for you filled with art student financial aid help. This is a smart way to operate for art students that’s for sure.

There you have it! Great strategies for finding lots of art grants and scholarships. Now’s the time to get started. It may seem overwhelming but take it a little at a time every day and you may surprise yourself.

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  5. Mohamed Shama says:

    I’m looking forward to studying drawing and painting to be a professional – please , advise me the collages and there scholarship programs to send with attached my painting.

    • admin says:


      you can apply to any art scholarships which you feel you may qualify for. Whatever college you are interested in contact them about their art program to discuss what student aid they have. They will have other student aid programs that are not art specific which you can qualify for. Consider grants too and need based aid. Contact your local Institute of Arts and ask them about local art schools they can recommend and also ask them about student aid programs for art students. This will be a invaluable resource for you which most art students overlook or won’t even think about.

  6. Dinah Williams says:

    Why are there art scholarships so competitive? The regular or average art student spends as much money to purchase art supplies each semester, grants or scholarships should be made available for those purposes as well. There are alot of scholarships available; however, they are “competitive” in nature to even be granted a scholarship. My daughter is completing her third year as a Visual Arts major under a scholarship for academics. After being accepted by the college with tuition paid; the students were told they have to purchase their own art supplies at various stores located throughout the city. We didn’t know how much the supplies would cost and where to order some supplies from, etc. So, I personally have to make those purchases for her at the local stores and at the end of the third year, we could have purchased a Living Room or Bedroom Suite. I wish there were grants for my daughter’s type of situation. The college bookstore does not purchase, order, nor sell any art supplies which makes it that much harder. If someone out there knows where I can get some form of grant of help.

  7. tenzin says:

    i am just graduated from indian school and i am interested in painting and sketching, but i dont have any idea about how to get collage and scholarship… please help with my problem. contact me on

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