Performing Arts Scholarships are Competitive

Scholarships for performing arts.

Performing Arts Scholarships

Performing Arts is a demanding field and one of the most competitive fields in the art world as well. Naturally, this means that performing arts scholarships are also highly competitive. There are several important scholarships for performing arts that you need to be aware of.

Some important music scholarships that you should be aware of include the ASCAP Foundation Scholarships and the BMI Foundation Scholarships. The ASCAP Foundation manages the ASCAP Foundation Louis Armstrong Scholarship Honoring W. C. Handy, the ASCAP Foundation Leiber & Stoller Music Scholarships, the Irving Caesar Scholarship, the Ira Gershwin Scholarship, the Charolotte V. Bergen Scholarship, the Michael Masser Scholarship, the Boosey & Hawkes Young Composer Award, the Livingston & Evans Music Scholarship, the Louis Armstrong Jazz Scholarship, the Louis Dreyfus Warner-Chappell City College Scholarship, the Louis Armstrong Scholarship, the Frederick Loewe Scholarship, the Max Dreyfus Scholarship, and numerous other performing arts scholarships.

BMI manages the Women’s Music Commission, the Woody Guthrie Fellowship Program, the Peermusic Latin Scholarship, the John Lennon Scholarship for performing arts, the BMI Student Composer Award, the Pete Carpenter Fellowship, the Lionel Newman Conducting Scholarship, the Robert Sherman Scholarship, the Charlie Parker Jazz Composition Prize, the Jerry Brock Musical Theatre Award, the Jerry Harrington Musical Theatre Award, the Jean Pratt Scholarship, the Milton Adolphus Award, the Harriette Schiff Roth Scholarship, and the Theodora Zavin Scholarship.

If you are interested in dance, you should apply for the National Dance Foundation Scholarship. This performing arts scholarship actually pays for you to study dance overseas, and can award up to $37,500. If you are studying to be an actor, you need to check out the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship. This scholarship is administered through the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. This scholarship fund awards approximately 16 $500 art scholarships and two $2500 scholarships in a wide range of performing arts categories.

You should also check out the performing arts scholarships offered by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. The number of awards made, and the amount of those awards, is determined each year, and two different types of performing arts scholarships are available. The first is the Standard Scholarship, which is available to members of the guild and their children. Transitional scholarships are also for SAG members, but are intended for those who need further education, and show financial need.

If broadcasting is your interest, you should be aware that while this is usually considered to be a communications major, it is also considered to be a performing art. The Broadcast Education Association awards numerous scholarships for performing arts ranging in award amounts from $1250 to $5000. These awards include the Helen J. Sioussa and Fay Wells award, the Walter S. Patterson Scholarship, the Alexander M. Tanger Scholarship, the Two Year Community College BEA Award, the Vincent T. Wasilewski Scholarship, the Vision Award, and the Richard Eaton Foundation Award.

For information available through the ASCAP Foundation visit: performing arts scholarships. For information regarding the BMI Foundation Scholarships visit: scholarships for performing arts. You can visit the National Dance Foundation at: performing arts scholarship. Go to: John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for all their details. VisitZ: Screen Actors Guild Foundation for more on them. For information on a unique performing art scholarship go to: Broadcast Education Association Scholarships.

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