Graphic Design Scholarships for Art

Art Scholarships for Graphic Design

Graphic Design Scholarships

Graphic design is a growing field, and this means that graphic design scholarships for art are getting harder to win, due to the number of applications that are received each year. You may need to find more creative ways to find the art design scholarships that you need.

The best way to win art scholarships for graphic design is to apply for those design scholarships offered directly through the school that you are attending. This is why you should check out the scholarship opportunities that are available before you select the school that you will attend.

One of the schools for graphic design that offers the best scholarships is the California College of the Arts. Not only does CCA have some of the best art scholarships available, but it is also considered to be one of the top schools in the country for graphic design, and you can enter the school as an undergraduate or graduate student.

If you are a high school senior who will be entering CCA, you are eligible for the Creative Achievement Award. This is a renewable award, and it pays out up to $15,000 annually. The award winners are selected based on academic achievement and creative ability, and you must submit a portfolio with your application by February first of each year.

The school also offers Diversity Awards and just as good as any scholarships for art. These are also renewable awards, and they are only available to entering undergraduates who have diverse experiences, ideas, and creative work. These awards can pay up to $24,000, but the award amount is adjusted based on other financial aid that you may be receiving. These awards are made to students who come from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. You must also show that you have made academic and artistic achievement despite those disadvantages.

If you are transferring to CCA from another school, you may be eligible for the Faculty Honors Awards. These are also renewable graphic college design scholarships, and the award amount is up to $10,000 annually. The award is made based on academic achievement and creative ability, and you must submit a portfolio.

If you are already a student at CCA, you are eligible for the Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation Illustration Scholarship, the Wolfgang Lederer Emeritus Scholarship, the OgilvyOne Endowed Scholarship, the Steve Renick Graphic Design Scholarship, the Lewis Shawl Graphic Design Endowed Scholarship, the Louis Shawl Trustee Emeritus Scholarship, and the Michael Vanderbyl Design Scholarship. All of these graphic design scholarships are only available to graphic design students that are attending the California College of the Arts. There are also numerous other art scholarships for graphic design that are open in regards to your field of study, which makes you eligible for them.

If you are a graduate student at CCA, you are eligible for Diversity Awards that will pay up to $24,000 and Graduate Need Based Scholarships that will pay anywhere from $1000 to $9500. Other graduate scholarships that you are eligible for through the school include the James Irvine Foundation Scholarship, and the Barclay Simpson Scholarship.

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For more information regarding the California College of the Arts go to: graphic design scholarships that are available through the school.

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