Art Scholarships for High School Students

Art College Scholarships for High School Students

Art Scholarships for High School

If you are currently a high school student, and you will be attending college or art school to study any form of art then you need to know about art scholarships for high school students. You should already be be applying for numerous other scholarships as well but more specifically art college scholarships. These scholarships should include merit based art scholarships, competition scholarships, and other scholarships that you may be eligible for, even if they do not pertain to your artistic talent such as poetry scholarships or music scholarships if you have the talent.

To narrow down your search, first think about all of the different types of random scholarships that are available. This includes portfolio scholarships, which are awarded based on the quality of your portfolio, academic scholarships – awarded based on your GPA or SAT/ACT scores, merit scholarships, which are awarded based on your artistic talent and awards that you have won, need based scholarships, which are awarded based on your financial need, social scholarships, which are usually awarded based on your heritage, religion, or special organizations to which you or your parents belong, institutional scholarships, which are awarded by the school that you will be attending, and general scholarships, which are awarded based on any other set of criteria that has not been mentioned. You need to explore all of these types of scholarships as well and not just art scholarships for high school students.

The next step is to talk to your art teacher and your guidance counselor. Let them know of your art school plans, and ask them which art scholarships they think that you should apply for. These people are a fountain of information. Following this, check with the college or art school that you will be attending to see what art school scholarship opportunities they offer, including competitions. Once you’ve covered these bases, you are ready to step out into the world to find additional scholarship money. Check with any professional organizations that you or your parents belong to – even if they are not art related.

Check with the organizations that you and your parents are not members of that are art related – especially those that are related to the specific type of art that you will study. Check with all art industry and trade groups, and community and civic groups. Check with local businesses, including art studios and dealers. Enter art scholarship contests, as they pertain to your art form. Check with your employer or your parents employers. Finally, check with charitable foundations to see what art college scholarship opportunities are available there.

While you will find literally hundreds of scholarships to apply for, take your time with each application. Make sure that you have completely read and understand the instructions for applying, and that you follow those directions precisely. Do not discount any opportunity, thinking that you aren’t good enough or that the competition would be too tough. Always try, and always give it your best shot. While large art scholarships are great, small amounts can add up. Don’t ignore the art scholarships for high school students that offer small awards.

Keep a copy of each application that you fill out, so that you can refer to a particular application before attending any interviews. Having copies will also make filling out additional applications much easier and faster. Finally, remember that the more scholarships you apply for, the more you are likely to win.

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