Graphic Arts Scholarships

Scholarships for Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts Scholarships

Graphical Arts is an exciting and growing field that requires a great deal of education. This education can be very expensive, and for this, you will most likely want to apply for as many graphic arts scholarships as you possibly can. With a degree in graphical arts, you can enter numerous different career fields, including the design of video games, architecture, fashion, and a great deal more. When searching for scholarships for graphic arts, the greater you can narrow down the subfield of graphic arts, the better your results will be.

Make sure that you check with the art department at your school for graphic art scholarships available specifically for graphic arts students. While there are numerous graphic arts scholarships that will be available specifically through the university or college that you will be attending, there are many more outside scholarships that you should consider as well.

One such arts scholarship is the Richard W. Pierce Scholarship. This graphic scholarship is worth $3000, and is awarded to an undergraduate student who is enrolled in a graphic design or commercial arts program. The winner is selected based on academic achievement and financial need, and you must submit examples of your work with your application. This graphic arts scholarship is administered through the Greater Worcester Organization.

Another source for funding is the AIGA Worldstudio Scholarships. These arts scholarships are for aspiring advertising artists, fine artists, graphic designers, illustrators, motion graphical artists, interactive designers, and photographers. The award amounts are $1000, $3000, and $5000, and the funds are paid directly to your school to be applied to your tuition. There are also numerous honorable mention awards worth $500.

The Graphic Arts Association also has a scholarship program, which is actually a competition. Each year, there is a theme for which entrants must design around. Numerous awards are made based on this competition, in amounts that include $2000, $1500, and $1000.

Global Solutions offers a competition for a T-Shirt design that is open to graphical artists. The award is worth $1000, and the contest is held annually. You must be majoring in art, graphic design, marketing, business, political science, international relations or philosophy to be eligible to enter the contest.

Remember that graphic art is an actual art, and this makes you eligible for numerous art related scholarships, as opposed to those that are just offered to graphic arts majors. This also includes art contests that award scholarships as well as cash prizes. Also, make sure that you do not overlook minority scholarships, especially those that require you to be a minority student who is studying graphic design or graphic arts. One such award is the Gates Millennium Scholars award. The amount of this award is not specified, but awards are given to students in a wide range of fields, including graphical design.

Graphic Arts Scholarships Resources

For more information regarding the Richard W. Pierce Scholarship for graphic arts visit For information about the AIGA Worldstudio Scholarships, visit For information about the Graphic Arts Association competition, visit For information about the Global Solutions Competition visit

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    i did a little bit of painting and i am interested in doing it full time but i lack the finance presently to pursue my dreams.
    i am presently studying theology in the cameroon Baptist theological serminary Ndu.
    please if the is way to help me get admiision and scholarship, i will be very greatful.

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    I am a Media Arts & Animation major at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online division. Working on Getting My Bachelors. I have already received my Associates degree in Web Graphic Design from DeVry University. Really looking to get into animation with Cartoon Network at Turner Broadcasting in Atl, GA where I live, but I am trying to be well rounded in everything Graphic Design/Animation/Movie Production/Web Design and much more. Any scholarship or grant suggestions.

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