Young Arts Scholarship may be Easy


Young Arts Scholarship

The Young Arts scholarship award, offered by the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, is a program which works to encourage artistic development in students around the United States. This program is an easy scholarship to get entirely because of the number of awards it gives out every year – over 128 different students will be able to get a Young Arts scholarship. Despite the number of awards the Young Arts scholarship has to offer, it requires dedication and sincere ability to really get access to.

Students who are interested in a Young Arts easy scholarship should have exceptional interest and abilities in the cinematic arts, dance, jazz, music, visual arts or several other categories. It will be impossible for a student who lacks sincere enthusiasm for their particular artistic field to get access to this easy scholarship, but those who have the interest will find it a fantastic way to help pay for their education and artistic interests.

Beyond simply being a dedicated artist interested in their respective field, applicants to the Young Arts scholarship are going to have to operate within the limitations of the scholarship when applying in their specific field. While many different Young Arts scholarships are given out every year, which helps to make this an easy scholarship, competition in the individual categories can be pretty stiff and applicants will want to make the best showing that they can.

First it is important to understand the eligibility for this easy scholarship through the Young Arts program. All applicants will need to be a high school senior during their application year or, if they are not, they must be 17 or 18 years old by December 1. All applicants must be residents of the United States and those students who are not natural born citizens will need to show proof of permanent residence.

Winners of the award will be determined at three different levels. The top winners will receive $10,000, and silver awardees are given $5,000. Below these top two positions, three “level” awards are given out at $3,000 for Level 1, $1,500 for Level 2, and $1,000 for Level 3. Those students receiving honorable mention will get $250 and finally all students who deserve merit for their applications will be awarded $100. The online application process for Young Arts potentially easy scholarships must be completed by October 14 with all supporting material being turned in no later than October 29.

Because the artistic platforms on which the Young Arts scholarship program gives awards on vary in what is involved, it is not surprising that evaluation criteria is going to change remarkably depending on what field a student is submitting work in. It is important to note that while this is an easy scholarship because of the number of awards given out, in terms of work put in the program can be difficult to find an award through. Looking over the requirements for artists who want to submit an application in Jazz, this becomes pretty clear. Judges will consider improvisational techniques, quality of sound, mastery of a chosen instrument, rhythm throughout the selected piece, ability to produce proper tuning, interpretation of the selected work, and the phrasing of the music. Those who are familiar with music will understand that in combination these things can be difficult to master, pulling them all together to produce a top notch performance can be incredibly trying.

Visual artists looking to pick up a Young Arts scholarship will find the need to produce original content of the upmost importance. Judges will consider imagination, execution, and use of materials. Applicants will need to upload a portfolio which best represents their creative endeavors – a difficult task for any artist.

Students interested in a Young Arts scholarship will need to read evaluation criteria for their field very carefully. While an easy scholarship at its surface, the program requires dedication and a lot of original work. Those applying to the program will want to think carefully about what piece of music they will play or what bits of art they will include in their portfolio. Carefully measuring what best represents and artist will help any applicant get some reward from this program.

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Greeting Card Scholarship for Art


Greeting Card Scholarships

A greeting card scholarship is something that students interested in art or other creative endeavors may want to consider while looking for financial assistance. When it comes right down to it, there are not many greeting card scholarships available on a broad level, but what is available will certainly help those lucky students who win an award make school more affordable.

Students with artistic talent or a creative mind may enjoy the chance to put their minds to work. A greeting card scholarship contest will also be a useful program for those students who have been more broadly looking for art scholarships but have not found one listed in the databases they have been looking for. As the primary merit in a greeting card scholarship revolves around submitting a piece of work which will be put on the front of a greeting card, interested applicants will need to think carefully about what they are placing in the application. It will be important to remember that many students will be applying for this art scholarship, and as such competition may be stiff. Ideas are often not as original as many think they are, and applicants who want to stand out are going to have to come up with something truly unique and interesting in order to win this reward. Going back over a student’s portfolio of original works is a good place to start. If nothing is there that immediately stands out, students should consider preparing other options.

The Create a Greeting Card Scholarship is offered annually by the Gallery Collection, a company which produces greeting cards for various occasions. Gallery Collection has for five years offered a single $10,000 card scholarship to those who have won an award and gives an additional $1,000 to the awardees’ school of choice. In order to eligible for this greeting card scholarship a student must be at least 14 years of age and be enrolled either in high school or at a college. To enter the contest applicants will be expected to submit an original piece of work which can take on a number of forms from a photograph, artwork or computer graphics. All interested applicants should understand that this image is meant to go on the front of a greeting card and all submitted images should be appropriate to this theme. Submission will be accepted from March 17 2011 until January 4, 2012.

For this greeting card scholarship contest, applicants should understand the judging process that occurs while selecting which piece they wish to submit in their applications. A committee of judges as selected by the Gallery Collection will look at submissions for overall visual appeal, quality of image, creativity, incorporation of design elements, general appropriateness in its use as a greeting card, and its fit in Gallery Collections listings. Looking over previous entries of the last five years, something should very quickly become clear – all of the winning submissions involve a holiday, wintery theme. At the bottom of the greeting card scholarship’s previous winner’s page, Gallery Collection identifies a particular bias not listed elsewhere on the site with regards to the program. This bias towards which cards are selected is attributed to Gallery Collections looking for those images which encourage holiday sentiments and those moments in life that bring people together. This is an incredibly important detail to remember as nowhere else on the site does it state that Gallery Collections is looking for holiday related images, and in fact their FAQ section specifically states that all entries of any piece of art can be submitted for consideration.

If an applicant does not wish to follow through with a card which is built around this apparent in-built judging process, they would be well advised to peruse the website for examples of other cards. The FAQ on the greeting card scholarships website indicates that Christmas cards are their biggest sellers, which may suggest a reason why the wintery theme is so prevalent in their winning selections. However it also mentions that birthday and anniversary cards are also very common sellers. A quick look over runner ups to the previous five winners does involve a number of submissions which include themes commonly related to both of these topics. Applicants who select a wintery theme do seem to have the best chances of winning the award, but it is always possible that an excellent anniversary or birthday themed image may get them through to the finish line as well.

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Free Art Scholarships for College


Free Art Scholarships

Free art scholarships for college are readily available for many students and exist in many formats. Some are more general, applying to students who want an education in any field that includes the arts. Meanwhile others are much more specific focusing on the fine arts, the culinary arts, theater and so on. Students interested in the arts are not always in the best financial position to pay for school. As a result it is fairly common for such students to want access to free art scholarships which will help them defray the overall cost of an education.

As with many scholarships, it will be important for students to identify not only their specific interests but also their personal demographics. While looking for general scholarships is never a bad way to start, it is unlikely that what a student finds in those searches will result in completely funding their college education. The more specific students are able to get in their interests, the more free art scholarships they will likely be able to turn up.

Apart from looking for art scholarships out in the wild, students should also consider looking at their individual departments or schools. Many programs offer small award amounts to exceptional students who display talent and passion for the field. Again, this will likely not cover the entire tuition amount for getting an education in the arts, but will add up in concert with other free scholarships for art awarded, in all hopes ending in covering most of their tuition costs overall.

Free art scholarships can be found from many different sources. Some, such as the Karlskoga Nobel Art Scholarship, are offered by foundations built up around an individual who was influential in the field. While this particular free art scholarship is available only to those students in Sweden, it represents a great example of financial aid available to students interested in the arts. Established in 1996, the Karlskoga Nobel Art Scholarship has provided at least one award every year for varying amount. The award is given purely on merit based on artwork presented by exceptional students. A jury, selected from inside the foundation, considers submitted artwork and then decides to whom the award(s) should go. Awards are given out December 10 of every year, and students should contact the foundation for information regarding applications. This is only one such example of free art scholarships, and students should not be disheartened if they do not live in Sweden.

Graduate students who have gone on to receive higher degrees in the arts can apply for the Terra Foundation Fellowships in American Art which provides $30,000 to interested students in the form of a fellowship. Students must be conducting research into American Art and should have strong academic standing at their institution. The award is normally given to those who are exploring the international contexts regarding American Art, though anybody with any interest in art may apply. Applications are due January 15 of every year.

Students should always consider looking for free scholarships in art at the school they are attending. Many colleges have programs available for exceptional students, and should certainly be a first stop for anybody seeking financial assistance. In the United States, the National Endowment for the Arts provides an immense amount of money every year to individual schools which apply for grants. If a student’s college is enrolled in a grant program with the National Endowment for the Arts, the odds are good that scholarship programs exist which can be applied for. Always check in not only with the financial aid department but with the art department especially, checking for local scholarships offered through foundations or great such free art scholarships offered by the university itself. Gaining access to these programs may sometimes be based on financial need, but very often they will have a strong bent towards artistic abilities. Be sure to chat with professors who are well entrenched in the program as they often have a voice with regards to where art scholarship funding will go.

Suggestions on finding free art scholarships would be to inquire into the following.

The Art Institute Online
Charitable Organizations
Art Colleges and Institutes – Their Art Departments
Art Competitions
Art Fairs/Funcyions
Organizations of a Professional Nature
Community Groups
Civic Groups
National Chains and Local Business

*List Of Scholarships

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Performing Arts Scholarships are Competitive

Scholarships for performing arts.

Performing Arts Scholarships

Performing Arts is a demanding field and one of the most competitive fields in the art world as well. Naturally, this means that performing arts scholarships are also highly competitive. There are several important scholarships for performing arts that you need to be aware of.

Some important music scholarships that you should be aware of include the ASCAP Foundation Scholarships and the BMI Foundation Scholarships. The ASCAP Foundation manages the ASCAP Foundation Louis Armstrong Scholarship Honoring W. C. Handy, the ASCAP Foundation Leiber & Stoller Music Scholarships, the Irving Caesar Scholarship, the Ira Gershwin Scholarship, the Charolotte V. Bergen Scholarship, the Michael Masser Scholarship, the Boosey & Hawkes Young Composer Award, the Livingston & Evans Music Scholarship, the Louis Armstrong Jazz Scholarship, the Louis Dreyfus Warner-Chappell City College Scholarship, the Louis Armstrong Scholarship, the Frederick Loewe Scholarship, the Max Dreyfus Scholarship, and numerous other performing arts scholarships.

BMI manages the Women’s Music Commission, the Woody Guthrie Fellowship Program, the Peermusic Latin Scholarship, the John Lennon Scholarship for performing arts, the BMI Student Composer Award, the Pete Carpenter Fellowship, the Lionel Newman Conducting Scholarship, the Robert Sherman Scholarship, the Charlie Parker Jazz Composition Prize, the Jerry Brock Musical Theatre Award, the Jerry Harrington Musical Theatre Award, the Jean Pratt Scholarship, the Milton Adolphus Award, the Harriette Schiff Roth Scholarship, and the Theodora Zavin Scholarship.

If you are interested in dance, you should apply for the National Dance Foundation Scholarship. This performing arts scholarship actually pays for you to study dance overseas, and can award up to $37,500. If you are studying to be an actor, you need to check out the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship. This scholarship is administered through the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. This scholarship fund awards approximately 16 $500 art scholarships and two $2500 scholarships in a wide range of performing arts categories.

You should also check out the performing arts scholarships offered by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. The number of awards made, and the amount of those awards, is determined each year, and two different types of performing arts scholarships are available. The first is the Standard Scholarship, which is available to members of the guild and their children. Transitional scholarships are also for SAG members, but are intended for those who need further education, and show financial need.

If broadcasting is your interest, you should be aware that while this is usually considered to be a communications major, it is also considered to be a performing art. The Broadcast Education Association awards numerous scholarships for performing arts ranging in award amounts from $1250 to $5000. These awards include the Helen J. Sioussa and Fay Wells award, the Walter S. Patterson Scholarship, the Alexander M. Tanger Scholarship, the Two Year Community College BEA Award, the Vincent T. Wasilewski Scholarship, the Vision Award, and the Richard Eaton Foundation Award.

For information available through the ASCAP Foundation visit: performing arts scholarships. For information regarding the BMI Foundation Scholarships visit: scholarships for performing arts. You can visit the National Dance Foundation at: performing arts scholarship. Go to: John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for all their details. VisitZ: Screen Actors Guild Foundation for more on them. For information on a unique performing art scholarship go to: Broadcast Education Association Scholarships.

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Winning Scholarships for Art Students

Winning Scholarships for Art Students

Regardless of the art that you plan to study in college, there are numerous art scholarships for art students that will go a long way towards helping to pay for your education. Art requires talent and creativity, and while few people in the world have the skills or talent required to pursue such a career, even those people need higher education to hone their talent and skills to make them truly unique and outstanding in their craft.

Despite the high number of available scholarships for art students, they are not easy to obtain. Because the topic is art, in most cases, these art scholarships are awarded based on talent (and many are based on talent), academic achievement, and other factors. Regardless of this, the main word that you need to immediately focus on is ‘talent.’ This means that when you apply for an art scholarship you will have to submit a portfolio, a video, or perform for a committee live.

This means that the first thing that you need to do is to perfect your portfolio, your video, or your performance. Everything needs to be as high quality as possible. Pictures, video, recordings, and more must be superior. This is where you have to be a business manager as well. Additionally, for recorded materials, you need to have several different options available. For example, if your art is music, when you apply for multiple scholarships, you will find that some scholarship committees want two minute recordings, while others prefer three or five minute recordings. Make sure that you have copies of recordings in varying lengths, without the piece sounding like it was cut off midstream, or a video appearing to be chopped.

Any materials that you may submit with your art scholarship applications should be viewed by others first, to get their opinion. Turn to your instructors first, and then to other professionals in the field that you plan to work or perform in. Take their advice very seriously, especially if they won scholarships for art in helping fund their own education.

While your art is important, remember that this will not always be the only thing that is considered when art college scholarship winners are selected. Make sure that you have a background that makes you a true contender. For example, if dance is your art form, make sure that you are able to perform various types of dance, as this makes you more interesting. If music is your preferred art, be prepared to perform different types of music, or prepared to play different types of instruments.

Do not ignore your studies. Keep your grades as high as possible, as your academic achievement will matter in binging in scholarships for art. Also make sure that you participate in extracurricular activities, and that you do good works in your community that can be documented. This is important because it shows the selection committees that you are a well rounded individual, which they will strongly consider.

Finally, be selective when it comes to the scholarships for art students that you will apply for, because some can be incredibly time consuming. While the big awards matter, do not ignore smaller awards – especially those that are only offered locally, as the competition for these awards usually aren’t as vast.

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Art and Talent Scholarships for International Students

Art and Talent Scholarships for International Students

Finding art and talent scholarships for international students take a bit more knowledge, work, and ingenuity. While art scholarships are easy for students in the United States to find and apply for, this isn’t necessarily the case for International students. The good news is that when it comes to scholarship funding for international students, art scholarships are easier to get than academic type scholarships.

Art and talent scholarships for International students who will be studying in the United States are rather rare, hard to find, and hard to win. For this reason, it is best to start your search in your home country. You will find that many organizations and businesses in your home country are willing to help fund your education in the United States, if you will be returning to your home country after your graduation.

The next step in finding a art and talent scholarship for international students is to check with the school in the United States that you will be attending. Many schools offer scholarships specifically to their students, including International students. In fact, this is the easiest way for international students to obtain scholarship funds. In many cases, because you will be an art student, these scholarships are awarded based on your artistic abilities, as well as other criteria. In many cases, there will be competitions, and in other cases, you must have a strong portfolio to submit with your application. Make sure that you are prepared for this, and check with the office for International Students at your chosen school as well for scholarship and grant opportunities for international students.

Look for art scholarship competitions that are nationally based, in your home country, as well as those that are internationally based, which award prize money. This prize money can be used to help fund your education. Additionally, look for fellowship opportunities that will pay for you to study your chosen form of art in other countries, including the United States.

Make sure that you check into the Inroads Grants. This is actually a grant program from the Institute of International Education, and it is a part of the Fulbright program. This program is specifically for creative students from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands, allowing these students to work with artists based in the United States. The award amount for these grants is up to $20,000, but is only available for post graduate students.

If you will be attending an art school, as opposed to a university, such as The Art Institute, you will find that their scholarship and grant opportunities are open to all students of the school, including international students. The Art Institute has a wide range of competitions and scholarships, most of which are based on talent, and they typically pay for a portion of your education at the institution, or for your entire education at the institution, depending on how well you place.

For more information regarding Inroads Grants visit: art and talent scholarships for international students. For more information regarding scholarship and grant opportunities for international students at The Art Institute, visit: scholarships for international student.

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Visual Arts Scholarships and Grants

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Visual Arts Scholarships and Grants

Visual Arts Scholarships and Grants

If you are pursuing a degree in visual art, you will find that your education is vastly expensive and you will need visual arts scholarships and grants to help pay for your education. Not only do you have to pay for tuition, fees, and housing, but you also need course materials, and art supplies. As you know, art supplies are expensive enough by themselves.

The International Art Materials Trade Association, also known as NAMTA, offers the NAMTA Foundation Visual Arts Major Scholarships. The amount of the visual arts scholarship and the number of awards that are made each year is determined annually, but these awards are usually quite large. To be eligible for this visual art scholarship award, you must be planning to major in a visual arts field, or already majoring in such a field. Acceptable fields include sculpture, drawing, painting, sketching, and other types of creative arts. Performing arts majors will not be considered. Additionally, you must submit two or three examples of your work, but you cannot submit original pieces. The selection is made primarily on artistic talent or potential, but some weight is placed on your GPA, your financial need, and your involvement in extracurricular activities.

The National Society of Arts and Letters manage two visual arts scholarships programs. These are the Naomi Winston Scholarship in Art and the Shirley Rabb Winston Scholarship in Voice. Both are worth $9000, but as a visual artist, you are only eligible for the Naomi Winston Scholarship in Art. You must be between the ages of 16 and 22, and you must show that you have exceptional talent. The selection committee must believe that you have potential for future success with your art as well. One of the nice things about this award, however, is that it does not have to be used to pay tuition. It can be used to participate in workshops, museum programs, summer programs, or other programs that will enhance your art. In fact, the committee states that the funds are not meant for college tuition, housing, or travel.

The best source for visual arts scholarships is the school that you will be attending. Some schools have greater art scholarship opportunities than others, and this may play a huge role in the school that you select. Some of these visual arts scholarships can pay for your entire education. While some are need based, others are merit based or talent based. In many instances, you will have to enter and compete in competitions with other students of that school in order to win an award.

Outside competitions, or those that are not just available to students of the school that you will attend, is the second best source for visual arts scholarships and grants. Many of these competitions award actual art scholarships while others award cash prizes that you can apply towards your college education. Some of these prizes are rather large, and while you should definitely compete for those prizes, you should not overlook competitions that award smaller prizes, because those small prizes can add up to a great deal of money.

For more information about the NAMTA Scholarship visit: visual arts scholarships. For information regarding the National Society of Arts and Letters visit: scholarships for visual arts.

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Art and Design Scholarships are Unknown

Art Design Scholarships

Art Design Scholarships

If you plan to enter the field of Art and Design and are looking for a scholarship, this most likely means that you plan a career in the field of architecture. For such an education, you should be seeking architecture scholarships, as well as scholarships that fall under the category of art and design scholarships.

While some of these art design scholarships are widely advertised, some are not. One example of this is the American Structurepoint Fellowship Fund, offered by American Structurepoint. This art design scholarship is available to first year students in a Master in Architecture program, and there isn’t a great deal of information regarding the award. To apply, you must submit a letter of request, and include your academic record, your portfolio, your resume, and a statement of educational and professional goals, as well as an explanation and evidence of financial need. There is no actual application to fill out.

It is also important to check with the department at your college or university, or the school that you plan to attend for art and design scholarships. Many are college specific. One such art design scholarship is the Macy’s Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Rudolph V. Javosky, available only to undergraduate students who are enrolled fulltime at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planing School of Architecture and Interior Design. The student must be majoring in Digital, Fashion, Graphic Design, Interior Design, or Architecture.

You should also check with foundations and other organizations that serve the art and design community, such as the American Architectural Foundation. Through this foundation, you could win the Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship. This is a six month fellowship that awards a stipend of $25,000. You should also check out the International Furnishings and Design Association Educational Foundation Scholarships and Grants. Numerous awards are made through this organization, ranging from $1500 to $3000. These awards include the IFDA/EF Student Scholarship, The IFDA Leaders Commemorative Scholarship, the Part Time Student Scholarship, the IFDA Student Member Scholarship, the Ruth Clark Furniture Design Scholarship, the Vercille Voss IFDA Graduate Student Scholarship, the Green/Sustainable Design Scholarship, and the Marketing Internship Scholarship.

If you are studying in a field of art and design that is closely related to the architectural field, but isn’t exactly architecture, you should search for art scholarship opportunities based on your specific field of study, or your specific career goals, as these are the ones that you are most likely to win. The more specific you can be in your search, the better the results will be, and this also significantly lowers the amount of competition that you will encounter when it comes to the selection process for the art design scholarships that you apply for. If you are a minority student, also seek out art and design specific scholarship opportunities for your specific minority.

For more information about the American Structurepoint Fellowship Fund, visit: art and design scholarships. For information regarding the Macy’s Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Rudolph V. Javosky, visit: art design scholarships. To learn more about the Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship, visit: design scholarships. To get more information about the International Furnishings and Design Association Educational Foundation Scholarships and Grants visit: scholarships for art design.

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Performing Arts Grants and Scholarships

grants for performing arts

Performing Arts Grants

Performing Arts are a vital part of our culture and various heritages. One thing that makes performing arts grants programs possible is grant money. While there are many scholarships for performing arts students, it is vital that schools receive performing arts grants so that they can continue to operate, and in some cases so that they can award students with performing arts scholarships.

It seems that for music, dance, theatre, and acting, the most important school performing arts grants come from the National Endowment for the Arts. Dance grants are available in award amounts ranging from $15,000 to $150,000 for schools. These grants for performing arts are available under the NEA’s American Masterpieces program, and the funds are awarded to support a variety of projects. Under the same program, awards are made for music, opera, theater, literature, and even Folk & Traditional Arts programs, and the awards are made to elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and performing arts schools and programs across the United States.

Another important organization that provides grant money for music programs is the Mockingbird Foundation. While the program supports all dance programs, they are particularly interested in programs that support music education for children. Due to limited funds, however, the performing art grants that are made typically range from $500 to $5000. In most cases, the organization only funds interests in the United States, and then only to programs that are nonprofit.

The New England Foundation for the Arts supports Dance, Theatre, Native Arts, Presentations, Public Art, and various other performing arts projects. While the amounts of the awards vary, these awards are usually worth $40,000 to $50,000. Not only does the organization provide funding for programs, but also for tours.

Because so many public schools simply cannot afford music programs these days, programs such as VH1 Save the Music have become more common. These programs usually make grants available to elementary and junior high schools, but some also make performing arts grants available to high schools and colleges.

The Children’s Theater Foundation of America makes numerous awards each year to support theater programs for children. These performing arts grants include Founders Grants, the Aurand Harris Grants, the Aurand Harris Fellowships, the Alvin Cohen Memorial Fund, and the Reba R. Robertson Award. Founders Grants are made for projects of national significance and are made to either organizations or individuals. The Aurand Harris Grants are available for nonprofit small to mid-sized theaters. The Aurand Harris Fellowships are awarded to individuals for individual artist development plans. The Alvin Cohen Memorial Fund is awarded to exceptional programs that are concerned primarily with children’s theater. The Reba R. Robertson Award is given to Outstanding Teachers of public secondary schools.

For more information regarding the National Endowment for the Arts, their programs, go to: performing arts grants. Information about the programs and grants are available through the Mockingbird Foundation. More information can be found by going to the: New England Foundation for the Arts. Information on the performing arts grants can be found at: VHI Save the Music Program. Go to: Children’s Theater Foundation of America for more performing grants.

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Art Contest Scholarships

Art scholarships contest

Art Scholarships Contest

If you plan to study any type of art in college, you will most likely be actively seeking scholarship opportunities by the time that you are a junior in high school. One way to find these scholarships is through Art Contest Scholarships programs. These are actually contests or competitions where the awards are actually made in the form of scholarship funds to a specific college or to the college of your choice, and they can be quite lucrative.

With the exception of Art History, there are art contest college scholarships available for just about any type of art that you can think of. Some of these programs are college specific – only offered through the institution that the student will be attending as an art student, while many are nationally based, or even region or state based.

For example, you could compete for the $1000 Liberty Graphics Art Scholarship if you live in Maine. This is a company that encourages local talent. The Scholastic Arts Awards offers up to $10,000 for winners of their various contests, and this is available nationally. An example of an art type specific contest is the Two Ten Footwear Design Scholarship, which is awarded only to those students who will be entering a field that is related specifically to footwear design. These awards are made from amounts that range from $1000 to $5000.

It is vital that you also look for competitions that are offered through the school that you will attend. For example, if you will be attending Kendall College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you need to enter the Kendall Art Day Scholarship Competition, which awards up to $20,000 in scholarship funds. The Columbus College of Art and Design Portfolio Scholarship Competition, offered to those who will be attending Columbus College, in Columbus, Ohio awards anywhere from $10,000 to $44,000.
Make sure you inquire at your desired college.

While these art scholarship contests are important, and should be considered, you should also consider those art contests that offer cash prizes, as cash prizes can also be used to help fund your education. One of the most lucrative art contests that can award funds that you can then use to fund your college education is offered by the Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition. This magazine awards $2500 to 5 first place winners, $1250 to 5 second place winners, $750 to 5 third place winners, and 15 $100 honorable mention awards.

Finding art contest scholarship opportunities isn’t hard, especially if you use your favorite search engine to search for competitions that are solely for your specific type of art. This is the best way to find these opportunities.

For more information about the Liberty Graphics Art Scholarship go to art contest scholarships. For more information about the Scholastic Arts Awards visit art contest. For more information regarding the Two Ten Footwear Design Scholarship go to art contest college scholarships. To learn more about the Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition, visit art competition scholarships. For information visit the Kendall Art Day Scholarship Competition, Go to Columbus College of Art and Design Portfolio Scholarship Competition to read even more.


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Finding Fine Art Scholarships

Scholarships for fine arts

Fine Art Scholarships

Most students specifically have no idea what they would be studying if they obtained fine art scholarships for college. If you will be studying dance, theatre, music, painting, sculpting, or even architecture, you will be studying fine arts. Fine Arts are defined as a visual work of art, including performing arts, since it is visual. If you will be studying any of these arts and looking for student fiancial aid you should be looking for scholarships for fine arts.

Start your search for ‘fine arts scholarships’ at the school you will be attending, or the school that you already attend. This is almost always the best source for scholarship funding, because these scholarships for fine arts are only available to students at the school, which significantly reduces the amount of competition that you will have for these awards. Naturally, you would check with the art department for these scholarships, but make sure that you check with the financial aid office as well. If you are attending an art school instead of a traditional university, realize that these schools also have fine art scholarship opportunities, as well as ‘in-house’ competitions that will award tuition money.

Next, you should check with art associations and civic groups in your local area, and then branch out to regional groups, state groups, national groups, and then international groups. The further you branch out, the more competition you can expect. Some of these groups offer fine art scholarships based on the strength and quality of your work, or your portfolio, while others use different criteria, such as financial need to select the winners. Make sure that you also check with professional organizations related to your specific art form as well.

Art Festivals and competitions can be quite lucrative, but the larger the event is, the less likely you are to win. Make a list of the competitions that meet your skills, and then carefully consider which ones are worth your time and effort. Do not be afraid of the competitions that offer large amounts, even though they are the most competitive, but at the same time, don’t overlook those that offer much smaller prizes, with the realization that numerous small awards can add up to a great deal of tuition money, and many artists will ignore those competitions that offer ‘small’ awards, making your chances of winning fine art scholarships much greater.

For example, $200 doesn’t sound like a great deal of money when you compare that amount to what your college education will cost, but ten such awards is $2000. Twenty of these awards equal $4000. It all adds up, and in many cases, it is just a matter of entering an existing piece of work, or your portfolio, along with the application and other requested documentation, so it does not require a great deal of your time.

Don’t ignore scholarship opportunities that have nothing to do with fine art. Check with your employer, your parent’s employers, organizations that you belong to, heritage foundations, local businesses and more. Consider your other interests and talents in your search for scholarships, including your academic work, your work in the community, and anything else that applies to your life, which may net you numerous additional scholarships.

Even though the fine arts is varied this may help you in winning more fine art college scholarships because you may qualify for many more then one art scholarship to apply to.

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Art Institute Scholarships and Grants

Art Institute Scholarships

Art Institute Scholarships

If you already attend the Art Institutes, regardless of the city or state where the institute is located, or you plan to attend one of the Art Institutes, you may be interested in knowing about various Art Institute Scholarships and grants to help pay for your education.

The Art Institutes provide education for a wide range of artistic endeavors and art related careers, including chefs, advertising, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, animation & special effects, audio, video, film, game design, fashion design, web design, and more. If it is artistic in nature, the Art Institutes probably offer an education covering the subject. Art Institutes are located in numerous locations in the United States.

When you apply for an Art Institute Scholarship, it is vital that you apply through the facility that you are attending, or will be attending specifically. According to the Art Institutes, you must additionally already have applied and been accepted as a student before applying for any institute scholarships. If you are a high school student at the time of your application, and you are applying for a art institute scholarship, you must additionally be planning to enter your program of study in either the summer or fall quarter immediately following your graduation from high school.

Different facilities have different art scholarships and grants. This is why you must apply through the Art Institute that you will be attending. While it is important that you apply for these art scholarships, you should also consider the Art Institutes Scholarship Competition, which can be entered through the main branch of the school. Each year, the corporation awards approximately $400,000 in scholarship money, and those awards are made based on art competitions in the full range of categories for which they offer educational instruction. Examples of competitions that are available include Best Teen Chef, The Art Institutes Passion for Fashion Competition, The Art Institutes and Americans for the Arts Poster Design Competition, and the Photography Competition.

Because the winners of these competitions will typically have their entire education paid for, these competitions are generally only open to high school students, and in some cases, only to high school seniors. Just winning the competition, of course, is not enough. You must additionally meet all of the eligibility requirements for enrollment in the institution as well, in order to compete, and to win. It is important to realize that these competitions are separate from the art college scholarships that are available at each individual Art Institute, and that each competition and scholarship opportunity will have its own set of criteria for eligibility.

There are some competitions that are only open to those who are currently already attending the school as well. In some cases, the winners of these contests are awarded art scholarship funds, but they may also be awarded internship or fellowship opportunities, or in some cases the opportunity to travel and study abroad.

You can learn more by going to Art Institute scholarships and their competitions for Future Students Program on their website. To learn about the general scholarship opportunities that are available at the facility that you will be attending, you will need to visit that facilities website as well.

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Graphic Design Scholarships for Art

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Graphic Design Scholarships for Art

Art Scholarships for Graphic Design

Graphic Design Scholarships

Graphic design is a growing field, and this means that graphic design scholarships for art are getting harder to win, due to the number of applications that are received each year. You may need to find more creative ways to find the art design scholarships that you need.

The best way to win art scholarships for graphic design is to apply for those design scholarships offered directly through the school that you are attending. This is why you should check out the scholarship opportunities that are available before you select the school that you will attend.

One of the schools for graphic design that offers the best scholarships is the California College of the Arts. Not only does CCA have some of the best art scholarships available, but it is also considered to be one of the top schools in the country for graphic design, and you can enter the school as an undergraduate or graduate student.

If you are a high school senior who will be entering CCA, you are eligible for the Creative Achievement Award. This is a renewable award, and it pays out up to $15,000 annually. The award winners are selected based on academic achievement and creative ability, and you must submit a portfolio with your application by February first of each year.

The school also offers Diversity Awards and just as good as any scholarships for art. These are also renewable awards, and they are only available to entering undergraduates who have diverse experiences, ideas, and creative work. These awards can pay up to $24,000, but the award amount is adjusted based on other financial aid that you may be receiving. These awards are made to students who come from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. You must also show that you have made academic and artistic achievement despite those disadvantages.

If you are transferring to CCA from another school, you may be eligible for the Faculty Honors Awards. These are also renewable graphic college design scholarships, and the award amount is up to $10,000 annually. The award is made based on academic achievement and creative ability, and you must submit a portfolio.

If you are already a student at CCA, you are eligible for the Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation Illustration Scholarship, the Wolfgang Lederer Emeritus Scholarship, the OgilvyOne Endowed Scholarship, the Steve Renick Graphic Design Scholarship, the Lewis Shawl Graphic Design Endowed Scholarship, the Louis Shawl Trustee Emeritus Scholarship, and the Michael Vanderbyl Design Scholarship. All of these graphic design scholarships are only available to graphic design students that are attending the California College of the Arts. There are also numerous other art scholarships for graphic design that are open in regards to your field of study, which makes you eligible for them.

If you are a graduate student at CCA, you are eligible for Diversity Awards that will pay up to $24,000 and Graduate Need Based Scholarships that will pay anywhere from $1000 to $9500. Other graduate scholarships that you are eligible for through the school include the James Irvine Foundation Scholarship, and the Barclay Simpson Scholarship.

Graphic Design College Scholarship Resources

Graphic Arts Scholarships

For more information regarding the California College of the Arts go to: graphic design scholarships that are available through the school.

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Art Scholarships for Animation

Art Scholarships for Animation

Art Scholarships for Animation

If you will be attending college or art school, as an animation student, you not only need art scholarships, you need animation scholarships specifically. In fact, since you already know what you will be studying, this significantly narrows down the scholarships for animation that you should apply for, and actually makes it more likely that you will win one or more art college scholarships.

If you are a female student, you should apply for the Phyllis Craig Scholarship in animation. Phyllis Craig was a founding member of the Women in Animation organization, and each year, the fund awards $1000 to a deserving animation student, as well as a one year membership in the organization. There are few opportunities specifically for women when it comes to animation scholarships.

If you are interested in computer animation, you should definitely look into arts scholarships offered by EA, or Electronic Arts. EA is a maker of video games, including online video games. In order to be eligible for one of these awards, which are worth $10,000, you will have to show academic excellence, a passion for video games, and financial need. The animation scholarships offered by Electronic Arts include the Dick Asher Scholarship, the Tim Mott Scholarship, and the Randy Pausch Scholarship.

Warner Brothers also offers a lucrative art scholarship for animation students, in the amount of $10,000, which is distributed each year you are enrolled in school. This award is the Warner Brothers – Hanna-Barbera Scholarship, and it is awarded to a graduating high school senior who will be entering college to study animation. In addition to the art scholarship award, the winner is also entitled to a paid summer internship, each year at the Warner Brothers Animation in Burbank, California.

If you are a Canadian student, you should apply for the Teletoon Animation Scholarship. This animation scholarship is awarded in amounts that include $3000, $2000, $1500, and $500. This is actually a competition, with awards made in multiple categories.

There are many other animation scholarship opportunities available, but most are only available to students of specific schools. Therefore, when you consider which school you will attend, check to see which art scholarships are available to you, as an animation student. Also make sure that you apply for all general scholarships that you may be eligible for, as well as academic scholarships and other random scholarships for which you may be eligible, even if they do not have anything to do with art or animation. Also seek out graphic scholarships for those who are studying computer graphics or film as well, since these are closely related to animations, as you may find that you are also eligible for many of these awards.

Resources for Animation Scholarships

  • For more information about the Phyllis Craig Scholarship, visit
  • To learn more about the scholarship opportunities offered by Electronic Arts, visit
  • Information regarding the Teletoon Animation Scholarship can be found at
  • For information regarding the Warner Brothers – Hanna-Barbera Scholarship, visit
    (You may have trouble finding the information on the website, so it is best to send an email to the company requesting the information.)
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Graphic Arts Scholarships

Scholarships for Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts Scholarships

Graphical Arts is an exciting and growing field that requires a great deal of education. This education can be very expensive, and for this, you will most likely want to apply for as many graphic arts scholarships as you possibly can. With a degree in graphical arts, you can enter numerous different career fields, including the design of video games, architecture, fashion, and a great deal more. When searching for scholarships for graphic arts, the greater you can narrow down the subfield of graphic arts, the better your results will be.

Make sure that you check with the art department at your school for graphic art scholarships available specifically for graphic arts students. While there are numerous graphic arts scholarships that will be available specifically through the university or college that you will be attending, there are many more outside scholarships that you should consider as well.

One such arts scholarship is the Richard W. Pierce Scholarship. This graphic scholarship is worth $3000, and is awarded to an undergraduate student who is enrolled in a graphic design or commercial arts program. The winner is selected based on academic achievement and financial need, and you must submit examples of your work with your application. This graphic arts scholarship is administered through the Greater Worcester Organization.

Another source for funding is the AIGA Worldstudio Scholarships. These arts scholarships are for aspiring advertising artists, fine artists, graphic designers, illustrators, motion graphical artists, interactive designers, and photographers. The award amounts are $1000, $3000, and $5000, and the funds are paid directly to your school to be applied to your tuition. There are also numerous honorable mention awards worth $500.

The Graphic Arts Association also has a scholarship program, which is actually a competition. Each year, there is a theme for which entrants must design around. Numerous awards are made based on this competition, in amounts that include $2000, $1500, and $1000.

Global Solutions offers a competition for a T-Shirt design that is open to graphical artists. The award is worth $1000, and the contest is held annually. You must be majoring in art, graphic design, marketing, business, political science, international relations or philosophy to be eligible to enter the contest.

Remember that graphic art is an actual art, and this makes you eligible for numerous art related scholarships, as opposed to those that are just offered to graphic arts majors. This also includes art contests that award scholarships as well as cash prizes. Also, make sure that you do not overlook minority scholarships, especially those that require you to be a minority student who is studying graphic design or graphic arts. One such award is the Gates Millennium Scholars award. The amount of this award is not specified, but awards are given to students in a wide range of fields, including graphical design.

Graphic Arts Scholarships Resources

For more information regarding the Richard W. Pierce Scholarship for graphic arts visit For information about the AIGA Worldstudio Scholarships, visit For information about the Graphic Arts Association competition, visit For information about the Global Solutions Competition visit

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Culinary Art Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships  for Culinary Arts

Culinary Art Scholarships

If cooking or baking is a passion of yours – one that goes far beyond cooking simple meals for family and friends – you should be seeking a culinary education and you can fund your education with culinary art scholarships and grants, as well as take part in opportunities to work with current world renowned chefs and cooking schools. You may be a world renowned chef in the making!

One culinary art scholarship that you should check into is the American Academy of Chefs Chairs Scholarship. The ACF offers scholarships to high school students, college students, and even current culinary professionals. The amount of the awards varies, but it is typically about $1000 for each award, and approximately ten are awarded each year.

You also need to seriously consider the scholarships for culinary arts program offered by the International Franchise Association. These include the Franchising Entrepreneurship Program, the Veterans Scholarship Fund, worth $2500, the Certified Franchise Executive Scholarship Fund, valued at $2500, and the Minority Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program, valued at $3000.

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation also has scholarships for culinary arts available for culinary arts students. These culinary scholarships are specifically for culinary arts students who will be working in the restaurant and foodservice industry upon their graduation. These arts scholarships are worth $2500. The organization also offers scholarships and grants for culinary arts to educators in this field, in the amount of $1750. also offers a scholarship program for culinary art students, in the amount of $1000. In order to be eligible for this award, you must be a citizen of the United States, be a registered user of the website, and be an undergraduate student or high school student planning to enroll in college upon your graduation. You must also either be in a culinary arts program or a food science or food industry program, or planning to enter such a program.

Along with outside scholarships, you should also look for random scholarships at the culinary school that you will be attending. Many do have such programs. One great example of this is the Institute of Culinary Education. Each year, the institution awards ten partial tuition scholarships that are valued up to $5000. These funds come from the James Beard Foundation, the Culinary Trust, the Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Association, the Les Dames D’Escoffier Fund, and the American Institute of Wine and Food.

Remember that this institution is not the only one that offers culinary art scholarships, grants, and competitions to their students. Make sure that you check with the culinary arts school that you will be attending for additional funding opportunities. You should also check with companies within the food industry for competitions and culinary school scholarships, as well as other food industry related organizations.


For more information about the American Academy of Chefs Chairs Scholarship, visit For more information regarding the International Franchise Scholarship programs visit For information about scholarship opportunities available through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, visit For information about the scholarship program at visit For information about the scholarships for culinary arts available through the Institute of Culinary Education, visit

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How to Find Art History Scholarships

How to Find Art History Scholarships

Art History Scholarships

When would you need Art History Scholarships to help fund your education? If it is your dream to work in a museum, to author books on the subject of art – in any form, to be an art consultant, or to be an art or antiques dealer, you will benefit nicely from a degree in Art History. But scholarships for art history are not easily found.

Most Art History scholarships are not available on the national level. In other words, they are only available through the colleges, and only to those students who are attending that college, and who are in a program in the Art or Art History department, or those who will be students in those departments. Therefore, the best place to find these art scholarships is through the college that you are attending, or the college that you will be attending.

For example, the second oldest university in the United States, William and Mary, offers just three art history scholarships through the art department. These include the Martha Wren Briggs Scholarship in Art History, the Leslie Cheek Jr. Scholarship in Art History, and the J. Binford Walford Scholarships in Architecture. Only students at William and Mary are eligible for these scholarships for art history.

The University of Texas at San Antonio also offers departmental scholarships to their Art History majors. These opportunities include the Art and Art History Departmental Scholarship, the James A. and Cindy G. Broderick Endowed Scholarship in Art and Art History, the Bill Matusoff Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Art and Art History, the Jacinto Quirarte Endowed Scholarship in Art History, and the Steve Reynolds Endowed Scholarship in Art and Art History. The number of these art scholarship awards and the amounts all vary depending on the availability of funds.

Through the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Missouri in St. Louis, you can apply for the Aronson Scholarship, which is awarded in the amount of $2000, the Barbara St. Cyr Scholarship, awarded in the amount of $400, or the William T. Isbell Scholarship, awarded in the amount of $1000.

Many art history scholarships are only available to graduate students. For example, Wayne University, located in Detroit Michigan, only offers one scholarship for art history students, and that scholarship is only available to graduate students. This is the Albert L. and Alice W. Steinbach Scholarship. The amount of this art history scholarship varies, depending on the funds that are available.

Even if your school does not offer an abundance of art history scholarships, or any such history scholarships, check with the dean of your department to find out about any obscure or local scholarships that may be available for your chosen major as well. Often, this information is only available to those who are already active in the field of Art History.


  1. For more information about art history scholarships at William and Mary visit:
  2. For more information about the Albert L. and Alice W. Steinbach Scholarship visit:
  3. To learn more about the scholarships available through the University of Texas at San Antonio visit:
  4. You can get more information about the scholarships available for Art History majors at the University of Missouri at:
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Art Scholarships for High School Students

Art College Scholarships for High School Students

Art Scholarships for High School

If you are currently a high school student, and you will be attending college or art school to study any form of art then you need to know about art scholarships for high school students. You should already be be applying for numerous other scholarships as well but more specifically art college scholarships. These scholarships should include merit based art scholarships, competition scholarships, and other scholarships that you may be eligible for, even if they do not pertain to your artistic talent such as poetry scholarships or music scholarships if you have the talent.

To narrow down your search, first think about all of the different types of random scholarships that are available. This includes portfolio scholarships, which are awarded based on the quality of your portfolio, academic scholarships – awarded based on your GPA or SAT/ACT scores, merit scholarships, which are awarded based on your artistic talent and awards that you have won, need based scholarships, which are awarded based on your financial need, social scholarships, which are usually awarded based on your heritage, religion, or special organizations to which you or your parents belong, institutional scholarships, which are awarded by the school that you will be attending, and general scholarships, which are awarded based on any other set of criteria that has not been mentioned. You need to explore all of these types of scholarships as well and not just art scholarships for high school students.

The next step is to talk to your art teacher and your guidance counselor. Let them know of your art school plans, and ask them which art scholarships they think that you should apply for. These people are a fountain of information. Following this, check with the college or art school that you will be attending to see what art school scholarship opportunities they offer, including competitions. Once you’ve covered these bases, you are ready to step out into the world to find additional scholarship money. Check with any professional organizations that you or your parents belong to – even if they are not art related.

Check with the organizations that you and your parents are not members of that are art related – especially those that are related to the specific type of art that you will study. Check with all art industry and trade groups, and community and civic groups. Check with local businesses, including art studios and dealers. Enter art scholarship contests, as they pertain to your art form. Check with your employer or your parents employers. Finally, check with charitable foundations to see what art college scholarship opportunities are available there.

While you will find literally hundreds of scholarships to apply for, take your time with each application. Make sure that you have completely read and understand the instructions for applying, and that you follow those directions precisely. Do not discount any opportunity, thinking that you aren’t good enough or that the competition would be too tough. Always try, and always give it your best shot. While large art scholarships are great, small amounts can add up. Don’t ignore the art scholarships for high school students that offer small awards.

Keep a copy of each application that you fill out, so that you can refer to a particular application before attending any interviews. Having copies will also make filling out additional applications much easier and faster. Finally, remember that the more scholarships you apply for, the more you are likely to win.

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The Many Different Types of Art Scholarships and Grants

Different Types of Art Grants and Scholarships

Art Scholarships and Grants

There are many different types of art scholarships and grants available. If you have artistic talent, and you plan to attend college or art school, you will most likely need help in funding your education. One of the ways that this is done is with art college scholarships and for this you need to know about the many different types of scholarships for art there are so you can start applying to them.

The first type of scholarship is the merit art scholarship. This scholarship requires you to have artistic talent and academic achievement. Not only do you have to show that you have advanced in terms of your talent, but that you have advanced academically as well. To prove that you have advanced academically, the selection committee will usually put a great deal of emphasis on your grade point average and your SAT or ACT scores.

This leads us to the second type of scholarships for art, which is an academic scholarship. These art school scholarships typically do not require you to prove that you have talent, but you may need to prove that you have a strong interest in a particular art form. For the most part, however, this type of scholarship will depend on showing a high GPA and strong test scores from your SAT or ACT.

Portfolio art college scholarships depend primarily on your artistic skill in the past. Not only do you have to prove artistic talent in the past and the present, but your portfolio must be well put together. Portfolio art scholarships and grants are usually meant for those students who could actually have a portfolio, such as painters or photographers, but a portfolio could also consist of video for performing artists.

Social art scholarships and grants are also available. These are awarded based on your religion, your race, your nationality or culture, your gender, your sexual orientation, or a number of other factors such as this. While these scholarships are limited to a certain group of people, just fitting into that group is not enough. Typically, other factors are used to select winners as well, such as artistic talent or academic achievement.

Need based scholarships for art are those that are awarded based on your financial need. However because all of the applicants will show financial need, due to this being a requirement for this type of scholarship, you will most likely have to fill some other criteria, such as artistic talent, academic achievement, community involvement, or a number of other factors.

The last two types of art scholarships are institutional scholarships and general scholarships. An institutional scholarship is only available to students that are attending a certain college, university or art school, and are administered through the school. General scholarships are also known as ‘outside scholarships.’ This simply means that they are offered by an organization, business, or individual to students regardless of the school that they will be attending.

Most art scholarships and grants are combined. This means that they combine numerous different scholarship types in the selection process. For example, the scholarship may only be available to those who are of Indian descent, how show academic achievement, artistic talent, and who will be attending a certain school. While no art scholarship and grant is easy to win, the further you can narrow down the requirements the greater your chances of winning will be. This is because you won’t be competing against all art students. Instead, you would only be competing against a smaller group within the art student community.

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How to Find Art Scholarships and Grants

Art College Scholarships

Art Scholarships Grants

Finding art scholarships and grants to help art students pay for college tuition can be done in a few different ways. It’s really better to take a multifaceted approach though, just like anything else to make sure you can cover all student financial aid art programs.

Before we begin on the art scholarships and grants ideas you must make sure you have a portfolio of your work. If your art is visual have a portfolio all made up to easily present. Have a recording of your work if it is not visual. This would also include any type of theater art you have been a part of. Remember, make sure that you have this portfolio or recording ready to go before you start looking for art scholarships, and that it is as good as it can possibly be. Many art school scholarship awards will be won or lost based on the quality of the work in your portfolio. The portfolio will make or break you. That being said lets move on to our art scholarship and grant strategies.

Apply to the Easy Art Scholarships First

The first one is to just apply to all the easy art scholarship contest as you can find initially to get started via the web or art clubs. Make sure they do not take up much time applying to them on this approach. The idea here is to apply to as many as you can with as little effort as possible.

Art Competitions for Art Student Financial Aid

Apply to as many art competitions as you can with as little effort and time.  There is a whole lot of them to go around too that’s for sure. You may have to travel some on this one so I suggest you target the art scholarship contest closest to you.

You decide how far you want to go to compete in as many art shows and competitions as possible. If you want to get on a great email list of art shows and art competitions you can go to the Art Deadlines List and sign up for their free email service of all kinds of art scholarship competitions.

Contact College’s for Art Scholarships and Grants

It’s a good idea to contact area colleges too who will be able to help you on local art contest in the area. They may have a listing of art scholarships and grants and let you know how to go about getting one. It would be best to contact the art teachers to discuss how they went about getting art scholarships and grants to pay for their schooling. They will be able to tell you how they did it and how you should do it now.

You may want to have some of your portfolio with you when meeting with the art teacher. He may like what he see’s and may show a special interest in helping you come to his college. Art students share a special bond and this strategy in finding art scholarships and grants may work out to be the best for you.

Art Clubs for Art Scholarships and Grants

This is a gold mine here and you could spend all your energy on this art scholarship concept. Art clubs know all about art contest, scholarships and other programs which will help you navigate towards what you need to find in all things being ART.

This is easy as searching for ‘art clubs’ and there you go; take your pick and start contacting them via their website contact page. I would already have a paragraph or two already typewritten so you can just copy/paste and email all the ones you can and sit back and wait for the reply back emails which will have gold nuggets in them for you filled with art student financial aid help. This is a smart way to operate for art students that’s for sure.

There you have it! Great strategies for finding lots of art grants and scholarships. Now’s the time to get started. It may seem overwhelming but take it a little at a time every day and you may surprise yourself.

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