Art Scholarships for Animation

Art Scholarships for Animation

Art Scholarships for Animation

If you will be attending college or art school, as an animation student, you not only need art scholarships, you need animation scholarships specifically. In fact, since you already know what you will be studying, this significantly narrows down the scholarships for animation that you should apply for, and actually makes it more likely that you will win one or more art college scholarships.

If you are a female student, you should apply for the Phyllis Craig Scholarship in animation. Phyllis Craig was a founding member of the Women in Animation organization, and each year, the fund awards $1000 to a deserving animation student, as well as a one year membership in the organization. There are few opportunities specifically for women when it comes to animation scholarships.

If you are interested in computer animation, you should definitely look into arts scholarships offered by EA, or Electronic Arts. EA is a maker of video games, including online video games. In order to be eligible for one of these awards, which are worth $10,000, you will have to show academic excellence, a passion for video games, and financial need. The animation scholarships offered by Electronic Arts include the Dick Asher Scholarship, the Tim Mott Scholarship, and the Randy Pausch Scholarship.

Warner Brothers also offers a lucrative art scholarship for animation students, in the amount of $10,000, which is distributed each year you are enrolled in school. This award is the Warner Brothers – Hanna-Barbera Scholarship, and it is awarded to a graduating high school senior who will be entering college to study animation. In addition to the art scholarship award, the winner is also entitled to a paid summer internship, each year at the Warner Brothers Animation in Burbank, California.

If you are a Canadian student, you should apply for the Teletoon Animation Scholarship. This animation scholarship is awarded in amounts that include $3000, $2000, $1500, and $500. This is actually a competition, with awards made in multiple categories.

There are many other animation scholarship opportunities available, but most are only available to students of specific schools. Therefore, when you consider which school you will attend, check to see which art scholarships are available to you, as an animation student. Also make sure that you apply for all general scholarships that you may be eligible for, as well as academic scholarships and other random scholarships for which you may be eligible, even if they do not have anything to do with art or animation. Also seek out graphic scholarships for those who are studying computer graphics or film as well, since these are closely related to animations, as you may find that you are also eligible for many of these awards.

Resources for Animation Scholarships

  • For more information about the Phyllis Craig Scholarship, visit
  • To learn more about the scholarship opportunities offered by Electronic Arts, visit
  • Information regarding the Teletoon Animation Scholarship can be found at
  • For information regarding the Warner Brothers – Hanna-Barbera Scholarship, visit
    (You may have trouble finding the information on the website, so it is best to send an email to the company requesting the information.)

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  1. Bilisuma Getachew says:

    Hi my name is Bilisuma and i am from Ethiopia. I have an interest for learning Animation and design very much. I have Bsc in I.T. Help me to find Scholarship.

  2. Im a animation major at the art institute and i need info on grants for animation

    • admin says:


      since your attending a particular institute visit their financial aids office to apply to their grants. Grants are based on financial need so they will be able to tell you what’s available. They may have other programs you will fit into once you fill out paperwork they will give you. As a great last resort look into student loans without a cosigner needed.

  3. dawit says:

    Sr/Miss i deed scholarships i am students of animation in Ethiopia-addis ababa the name of school PRS animation school place give me the chance of scholar ………………………i wish Ethiopia film industry div loped by animation film and related works, i hop god by

  4. Roshana says:

    Hi, i am a student currently in year 11 (high school) in NSW, Australia.
    i am very passionate about animation and i also love IT.
    i want to get a scholarship in the US for animation and would really prefer a university which is near my future destination which is Disney Studios. Can you please consider some advice.

  5. cheryl tunzini says:

    Please help my son fulfill his dream! He was told in the forth grade that u can’t make a living in animation and now he thinks that teacher was right because he can no longer afford to finish his schooling at Academy of Art in San Fransisco and work full time. He has tried. Drawing is his whole life but has to work. A lot just 2 live in the city. His name is Jason Tunzini please help him thank u 4 your time!

  6. Beanne Coetzer says:

    Hi my name is Beanne i am 26 years of age, i am a cartoonist and want to study in the USA for animation, need a scholarship dont have money.thank you.

  7. Chrystal says:

    I am 29 years old and I’m wanting to attend the Art Institutes-the online division. But I am noticing that a lot of scholarships are for high school seniors. Is there any for older women, not just for single mothers. Please help.

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