Art Institute Scholarships and Grants

Art Institute Scholarships

Art Institute Scholarships

If you already attend the Art Institutes, regardless of the city or state where the institute is located, or you plan to attend one of the Art Institutes, you may be interested in knowing about various Art Institute Scholarships and grants to help pay for your education.

The Art Institutes provide education for a wide range of artistic endeavors and art related careers, including chefs, advertising, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, animation & special effects, audio, video, film, game design, fashion design, web design, and more. If it is artistic in nature, the Art Institutes probably offer an education covering the subject. Art Institutes are located in numerous locations in the United States.

When you apply for an Art Institute Scholarship, it is vital that you apply through the facility that you are attending, or will be attending specifically. According to the Art Institutes, you must additionally already have applied and been accepted as a student before applying for any institute scholarships. If you are a high school student at the time of your application, and you are applying for a art institute scholarship, you must additionally be planning to enter your program of study in either the summer or fall quarter immediately following your graduation from high school.

Different facilities have different art scholarships and grants. This is why you must apply through the Art Institute that you will be attending. While it is important that you apply for these art scholarships, you should also consider the Art Institutes Scholarship Competition, which can be entered through the main branch of the school. Each year, the corporation awards approximately $400,000 in scholarship money, and those awards are made based on art competitions in the full range of categories for which they offer educational instruction. Examples of competitions that are available include Best Teen Chef, The Art Institutes Passion for Fashion Competition, The Art Institutes and Americans for the Arts Poster Design Competition, and the Photography Competition.

Because the winners of these competitions will typically have their entire education paid for, these competitions are generally only open to high school students, and in some cases, only to high school seniors. Just winning the competition, of course, is not enough. You must additionally meet all of the eligibility requirements for enrollment in the institution as well, in order to compete, and to win. It is important to realize that these competitions are separate from the art college scholarships that are available at each individual Art Institute, and that each competition and scholarship opportunity will have its own set of criteria for eligibility.

There are some competitions that are only open to those who are currently already attending the school as well. In some cases, the winners of these contests are awarded art scholarship funds, but they may also be awarded internship or fellowship opportunities, or in some cases the opportunity to travel and study abroad.

You can learn more by going to Art Institute scholarships and their competitions for Future Students Program on their website. To learn about the general scholarship opportunities that are available at the facility that you will be attending, you will need to visit that facilities website as well.

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