The Many Different Types of Art Scholarships and Grants

Different Types of Art Grants and Scholarships

Art Scholarships and Grants

There are many different types of art scholarships and grants available. If you have artistic talent, and you plan to attend college or art school, you will most likely need help in funding your education. One of the ways that this is done is with art college scholarships and for this you need to know about the many different types of scholarships for art there are so you can start applying to them.

The first type of scholarship is the merit art scholarship. This scholarship requires you to have artistic talent and academic achievement. Not only do you have to show that you have advanced in terms of your talent, but that you have advanced academically as well. To prove that you have advanced academically, the selection committee will usually put a great deal of emphasis on your grade point average and your SAT or ACT scores.

This leads us to the second type of scholarships for art, which is an academic scholarship. These art school scholarships typically do not require you to prove that you have talent, but you may need to prove that you have a strong interest in a particular art form. For the most part, however, this type of scholarship will depend on showing a high GPA and strong test scores from your SAT or ACT.

Portfolio art college scholarships depend primarily on your artistic skill in the past. Not only do you have to prove artistic talent in the past and the present, but your portfolio must be well put together. Portfolio art scholarships and grants are usually meant for those students who could actually have a portfolio, such as painters or photographers, but a portfolio could also consist of video for performing artists.

Social art scholarships and grants are also available. These are awarded based on your religion, your race, your nationality or culture, your gender, your sexual orientation, or a number of other factors such as this. While these scholarships are limited to a certain group of people, just fitting into that group is not enough. Typically, other factors are used to select winners as well, such as artistic talent or academic achievement.

Need based scholarships for art are those that are awarded based on your financial need. However because all of the applicants will show financial need, due to this being a requirement for this type of scholarship, you will most likely have to fill some other criteria, such as artistic talent, academic achievement, community involvement, or a number of other factors.

The last two types of art scholarships are institutional scholarships and general scholarships. An institutional scholarship is only available to students that are attending a certain college, university or art school, and are administered through the school. General scholarships are also known as ‘outside scholarships.’ This simply means that they are offered by an organization, business, or individual to students regardless of the school that they will be attending.

Most art scholarships and grants are combined. This means that they combine numerous different scholarship types in the selection process. For example, the scholarship may only be available to those who are of Indian descent, how show academic achievement, artistic talent, and who will be attending a certain school. While no art scholarship and grant is easy to win, the further you can narrow down the requirements the greater your chances of winning will be. This is because you won’t be competing against all art students. Instead, you would only be competing against a smaller group within the art student community.

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